Product Overview

In order to meet the needs of our clients, Shunda keeps moving forward in innovation. The professional team of Shunda provides you with exclusive r color, flavor, taste, qua;ity and innovation. Shunda has an experienced marketing service team and completed manufacturing security system to solve all problems whether in produce tea beverage, juice, milk, coffee, baking, snacks, soup and meat products. We are able to assure the high-quality products and offer a best solution with 100% honest and sincere in every detail. We have a faith, capability and responsibility to make our clients 100% satisfaction.

FlavoringKey Ingredients
For Sweet Foods
  • Juice
  • Dairy Products
  • Tea drinks
  • Coffee
  • Traditioal Chinese herb for food use
  • Baking products
For Salty Foods
  • Soup product
  • Meat products
  • Snacks
Shunda flavor compounding team has a sensitive smelling memory and rich knowledge to accurately create different fruit smell, make the consumers experience the most real and familiar smelling journey.
Dairy Products:
As China’s economy has moved up, citizens pursuit high quality of life increasingly,. In order to fellow the market trend, Shunda improves as well as creates new products continuously , for instance, sweet and sour Calpis, condensed milk, pure milk and dairy products, in order to meet the demands of consumer.
Tea drinks:
Tea is an essential drink of Chinese, which contributes economic development progressively. Shunda has spent many years on researches of the market trends and new flavors, produced products such as milk tea, green tea, black tea, green tea with honey, longjing, oolong, jasmine tea and etcs, to meet the needs of consumers.
Nowadays, a cup of coffee in the morning is the beginning spirit of the work for many people . From varietal coffee, fancy coffee, Espresso and Americano, every single flavor has its unique smell which are able to not only cheer up a person but express a way of living taste for may youngers. On the other hand, we continuously produce varietal extraordinary coffee smell in order to satisfy the needs of consumers.
Traditioal Chinese herb for food use:
Food treatment is the Chinese traditional culture for thousand years. Shunda has developed 24 herbal products such as hawthorn, chrysanthemum, medlar, longan, pears, pipa, chrysanthemum medlar, longan medlar, dark prune juice plum syrup and etc, which has been inherited completely .
Baking products:
In the aspect of Chinese and western pastries, Shunda has created various kinds of bakery flavors for our clients.
Soup product:
For restaurant, on-the-go, instant and soluble soup marketing, Shunda provides all products so that satisfy the demands of consumers.
Meat products:
Shunda offers savory flavors and additives for diverse products such as ham, sausages, curing ingredients and freeze-dried products.
With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, the demands of a consumer for the quality and flavor of snacks have been valued as the necessary conditions. Shunda not only enhance the flavor variety, but also create healthy and light rural flavors as well as mixed Chinese food flavors, In the future, snacks will become not only a representative of fashion food but food for mutual sharing.
  • Emulsifiers for ice products
  • Stabilizer for milk tea / coffee
  • Stabilizer for tea drink
  • Meatball texture improvement
  • Defoaming agent
  • Blended Coffee
  • Coffee extract
Emulsifiers for ice products:
Ice products are the best choice for summer heat cool off. Stabilizer can add flavor, makes the ice crystals even and fine, also reduce particles and mush, makes the product full of smooth
Stabilizer for milk tea / coffee:
Stratification will occur when milk tea and coffee are put in certain time and then there is stabilizer that can prevent fat leveling and stratification and also retain the stable and high quality of the products.
Stabilizer for tea drink:
Chinese people drinks tea for thousands of years in their history. People would crave for a good cup of tea at anywhere and anytime, That's why the tea beverages became popular. Stabilizer for tea drinks has played a very important role, it helps to keep the color of the tea and prevent precipitation and maintain the flavor.
Meatball texture improvement:
Handmade meatball needs beats with strength of repeated force if a sound taste is made for Q, flexibility and crisp. Shunda makes its development on meatball texture improvement. With integrated new and previous technologies, meatballs can be compacted from inside to the outside with viscoelasticity enhanced, taste improved, time shortened, cost down and more stable quality.
Defoaming agent:
it can be applied to soybean milk, milk, juice and tea drinks to prevent overflow inside when production made and can enhance the output.
Blended Coffee::
Shunda Blended Coffee - Coffee blending is a profound skill, well designed by the vocational cupper and roaster, and with the German made Probat coffee roaster,it shows the coffees' complex but wonderful flavor.
Coffee extract::
Coffee beverages recipe is best known for its extract quality, also the most expensive part. Shunda coffee extract is proficient in its technology. By adopting the rapid first extract, the flavor can be maintained completely and the whole smell and taste are like it is just made.
  • Coffee
  • Longjing
  • Jasmine
  • Wolfberry
  • Honeysuckle
  • Mesona chinensis benth
  • Hawthorn
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Tartary buckwheat
  • Osmanthus flower
  • Roselle
  • Red date
  • Siraitia grosvenorii
Shunda Blended Coffee - Coffee blending is a profound skill, well designed by the vocational cupper and roaster, and with the German made Probat coffee roaster,it shows the coffees' complex but wonderful flavor. Download specific report
Longjing tea is well- known as the king of tea. There is one so called West Lake Longing produced from the place West Lake distract, while others is called Zhejiang Longjing. The features of West Lake Longjing tea leaves are flat, smooth, straight, and standing in appearance, fresh in smell, tender in taste and flower likely at the end of leaves. For better understanding its growing area, tea fried process and testing standard, Shunda visited the main production district of West Lake longjing such as Shifeng, Meijiawu, Yunqi and Hupao. Based on different growing areas amd quality, it has been divided into different grades. With our professional skills and advanced instruments, Shunda provides the best longjing flavor for our clients. Download specific report
Jasmine flower is white, elegant and fragrantflower. It is valuable with certain medicinal value. Its countries of origin are India and Pakistan and now it is widely produced, mainly in Heng county of Guangxi, Yuanjiang of Yunnan and Qianwei of Sichuan. Shunda is seeking for the truest flavor of jasmine with the sincerest attitude. Our professional group has been to country of jasmine to seek for the breeds and processing methods and extract process testing for the presents of the truest jasmine fragrance with advanced technology. Download specific report
It is a valuable ingredient among traditional Chinese medicine with a long history. The growing area is mainly in the northwest district of China, especially Ningxia. The wolfberry of Gansu and Qinghai is relatively in good quality. Shunda R&D team has been to the area of wolfberry Ningxia. With our professional skills and the features of wolberry. we tend to produce its natural aroma and provide customers with the best taste solution. Download specific report
The name comes from Compendium of Materia Medica, is a traditional Chinese medicinal material, produced in April and May and mainly distributed in Shandong, Hebei and Henan. The R&D team of Shunda has visited its breeding place to understand the types, collection season, traditional processing methods and inspection criteria. By use of precise instrument analysis on its key material components and flavor, differences between areas and production zones are found, with smells and tastes made for spreading.Download specific report
It is cold and cool in nature and slightly bitter in taste. From ancient, it has been found with the features of clearing heat and promoting dieresis, cooling blood and relieving summer-heat, quenching thirst and disinhibiting water and removing toxin. The mesona blume sold in the market now is mainly produced in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi or imported to Indonesia. Over the years diseases for its planting caused great reduction of general output ,there are large area deaths in several areas. Now through new breeding technology, its survival rate has been greatly enhanced and the management time is saved. For the idea of “finding the source”, Shunda R&D team plans the testing trip every year, intends to develop the best products by using scientific extraction methods to express the flavor of mesona chinensis benth. Download specific report
It is sour, sweet and temper naturally. It has the features of preventing aging and cancer, being cardiotonic and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis. It is grown in valleys or bushes, mainly produce in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangning. Matun of Qinghe County has been given with the title of “Home of Chinese hawthorn” by China Good Agriculture Development& Service Association. Hawthorn is graded by specification made by China. For its wide application, it can be made into food, source, drink and milk. Shunda R&D team has explored its growing area and production process so that created the natural flavor of hawthorn with scientific methods. Download specific report
Huangshan tribute chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Chu chrysanthemum and Hao chrysanthemum are four famous chrysanthemums of China. The chrysanthemum morifolium produced in Tong town of Hangzhou is well known for its appearance, aroma, taste and form, which are the four extremes. Huangshan tribute chrysanthemumwas especially for the emperors in ancient, known as Florists Chrysnthum, and also known as one of the fours. Huangshan tribute chrysanthemum is mainly produced in areas between the famous tourism destination Huangshan and national nature protection area, which provides it with the excellent natural ecological environment for good quality and joint watching value and medicine usage, making it the best for medicine and food. Shunda research and development team has been to the production areas of chrysanthemum morifolium & tribute chrysanthemum for the best quality flavor, getting to know its collection, growing, drying and inspection criteria for analysis to bring about the best natural flavor. Download specific report
It is one of the rare plants for both medicine and food, integrated with seven nutrients, known as the “King of Grains” and can reduce blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat. It is the “health care product for immortality” in Japan, the “food of the Immortal” in Korean and the “Oriental God Grass” in Germany. It is mainly produced in southwest area and North China, where Liangshan of Sichuan is the main production place and source of origin. Shunda R&D team has went to Daliangshan for exploratory its characteristics. In order to find the best developing products, we use scientific extraction methods to assure its natural flavor which can be presented completely. Download specific report
It is one of ten traditional famous flowers in China, with its strong aroma, which can be used for food and cosmetic products. Its test is spicy. It can also be taken as medicine for defeating cold and breaking bond, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing. It is widely spread in Huai River basin and the south of China. Guilin in Guangxi is its original place with over 2,500 years. Shunda R&D team has been to Guilin – country of osmanthus to explore its breeding, understand its produced process and tend to make the best osmanthus flavor with scientific methods. Download specific report
It is also called “Goddess Luo” with delicate aroma sour , taste. It can clear heat and resolve thirst, lower the fat and refresh the brain. It plays the role of spasmolytic and can expel parasite, improve calcium absorption, accelerate digestion and decrease internal heat For intestines, uterus and muscles,. It is mainly distributed in Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces and areas, tropical and subtropical regions. Shunda R&D team has been to Fujian Luoshen to collect information about the collection seasons, traditional process method and testing criteria of Goddess Luo. By precise instrument, we analyzed the components and flavor of its key elements, and find out the natual flavor of roselle. Download specific report
There are 702 types of red date. It is nutritious and one species of medicine and food. It has planted three thousand years, mainly distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River including Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan. Shandong and Hebei are the biggest market share. With continuously study red date, Shunda R&D team planed the testing trip for the home of golden silk jujube – Laoling, Shandong, understand its production, drying process, market price and juice making conditions. We analyse the component of its aroma, and expect to provide the most natural flavor for our clients. Download specific report
It has the features of clearing heat and moistening lung, helping produce saliva and slaking thirst, known as “immortal fruit”. The fruit is rich of sugar glycoside, glucose, fructose, and a variety of vitamins, uses widely, well sold in domestic and international markets. It is mainly produced in Guangxi and also spread in Guangdong, Hunan, Hainan and Jiangxi. The R&D team of Shunda has been to Guilin of Guangxi for exploratory its planting, collection, reserve and production process, aimed to develop natural products through advanced technology. Download specific report
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