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Shunda is focusing on becoming the best cooperative partner of our clients, which can sufficiently integrate interior and exterior resources, holding our business concept - stick on detail for achieving service, in order to build the win-win partnership with our clients. We maintain long-term relationship with top food and beverage manufacturers across the country. Meanwhile, our professional team is using keen intelligence, sustainable enthusiasm and the care for corporations and society to ensure the rule of pioneer in food ingredients industry. In this fast change market, we believe that high-efficient executive and achievement can sustain the advantages, and complete the mission from clients.

ADD:Guangdong :Antou Industrial Area,Guantang Town,    Chaoan County,Guangdong.515633



ADD:Shanghai :Building 6, Europe Era, Changan Rd.     NO777, Jingan District, Shanghai. 200070



These years, Shunda rapidly expend the scale in flavor and fragrance industry in the country, using strong business advantage to attract the passionate and talented elites throughout the country. There are four reasons:


1. Fearless leader
The reasons for Shunda can become the leader in flavor and fragrance industry because we never stop to challenge and improve ourselves, always chasing for learning and accumulation of knowledge. Keep leading in the industry, and continuously endeavoring our step. “Become the best cooperative partner of our clients” is Shunda’s diligently pursuing corporate vision , also the motivation for eternal development.


2. Innovative pioneer

Shunda encourages our employees to have innovative thinking and adventurous spirit. No matter in the in the vibrant and busy office, or in a laboratory full of learning and creativity, we are the group of pioneers with innovative and developing spirit. We respect and encourage suggestions from each of colleague, and we believe that all of our colleagues can create a brilliant success for our outstanding customers.


3. Solid guarantee for products

We have confidence for our products. Also, we have predictability for our superior clients’ market trends, providing comprehends services for the latest product. We strictly control all aspects of the development and production, complying with national laws and international norms, researching and producing with our clients. We firmly believe that we have the strength to achieve the various needs of customers.


4. Multiple training and complete promotion

Shunda focuses on staff career planning, providing adequate and transparent promotion opportunities; pay attention to overall development of staff’s quality, and regularly holding a variety of diverse learning and training; emphasis on employee benefits and payroll systems, annual leave and a rich variety of stylistic activities.

Shunda sincerely invites people to join our team, soaring with us to create a new great future!

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