Company Overview

  Shunda grows up and develops with the clients for years, adheres to the idea of 「ALL-720° Service of Flavors & Ingredients 」consistently . Shunda provides clients with a smart market strategy in the development of China food market, which not only puts more effort into the manufacturing technology, flavor analysis, sensory evaluation and flavor creation ability, but also innovates in a taste and product quality. Furthermore, Shunda expects to contribute and invent more popular products with our clients in the Chinese market hereafter.

  Nowadays, we are honored to learn and grow up in this flourishing market with firmed faith and enthusiastic attitude to serve our clients . Through integrated resources for all aspects , we overcome different difficulties. Shunda will constantly improve corporate structure by a long-term strategy, clearly plan innovative technology, increasing productivity as well as safe quality assurance in the future,. Moreover, Shunda will take opportunities and challenges to expand our enterprise territory and fulfill the enterprise vision. Shunda is to become the most superior cooperative partner of excellent clients.

History & Background of Shunda

In 1950,Weng Jinshun, the founder of Shunda, together with his families engaged in the food flavors and ingredients market in Taiwan;


In 1955, Shunda originated and established its factory as well as R & D center in Guangdong, and started to expand the mainland market;


In 1998, the company oriented itself to be a manufacturing& servicing enterprise, R&D and produced aim at the production and the manufacturing edible flavors and key food ingredients;


In 2004, it obtained the ISO9001 International Quality Management System certification;


In 2006, Shunda’s honey flavor and some quality retention agents for tea products won favorable reputation from the market and the Chinese Government’s certification of New and High Quality Enterprise..


In 2007, “Shunda’s R&D results of Dedicated Quality Retention Agents for Tea Drinks” smoothly and successfully passed the certification of provincial scientific and technological achievements. Also, the company acquired o the HACCP System Certification Food Safty Management System Certification and the ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification.


In 2009, Shunguan Biotechnology Co., Ltd was founded, to do the research, the development and application of food used herb ingredients


In 2013, and in the long-term future, the enterprise vision of Shunda is to become the most superior cooperative partner of excellent clients.


In 2016,Shanghai Cooperation Square is completed. Estibalish Chaozhou technology building and plan Kunshan Honghui new plant.

Shunda DNA

To set up wise market strategies dedicated to clients and projects, to ensure the performance of these stratedies with our abilities, to put our conviction into practical actions, to provide services for clients with our enthusiastic attitudes, to integrate resources from each aspect with an effective manner, to break through various challenges, to assume our responsibilities to ourselves, the enterprise and the society in each aspect of the project.



We have capacities to analyze and gain market insights, to closely follow market trends, to timely understand clients’ development orientation and to make wise and bold decisions.



We are equipped with solid guarantee, such as affluent experiences, scientific systems, brilliant talents, delicate equipments and professional technology to steadily move forward on the road leading to success.



We insist on working with perseverance and providing enthusiastic services to win approval from our clients and to satisfactorily fulfill our projects.



We hold accurate and active professional attitude, seek for high quality and completely indulge in each stage of projects by continuous self-challenge.



We plentifully take use of resources to create the maximum value for our clients.



We undertake our responsibilities for ourself, the enterprise and the society. We abide by laws and regulations to ensure customer’s health.

Service Principle

ALL-720° Service of Flavors & Key Ingredients

Shunda pays attention to customer demands of every aspect, strictly controls each stage of all projects, deeply explores industrial technologies and theoretical frontiers, so as to ensure the most professional services; Besides, the company seeks for the modern customer-centric personalized marketing, and strives to provide comprehensive, whole process, most specialized and personalized services.

Ⓗcoffee Lab established

To provide the learning and communication platform to our partners to meet their needs of coffee knowledge, skills and latest information about coffee.

Operation Principle

S.D.—Service & Detail Details are the Basis of Services

SD is the abbreviation of Shunda and has another profound meaning, i.e. Service and Detail, which is the operation principle that Shunda has consistently adhered to.


Shunda has set up a set of comprehensive service systems to ensure service quality; with further consideration of technology support, professional design and personalized custom for the guarantee of qualified services. Shunda has established a win-win cooperation partnership with our clients.


In order to satisfy each and every excessive demand of our clients, Shunda seeks for perfection with regard to products making and creating, as well as to customer services and supports, which benefits the sustainable growth and development of the enterprise.

Management Principle

Continuously, Shunda sticks to the “Service Leads Study; Study Realizes Innovation” principle and persists in “people oriented, knowledge oriented and enthusiasm oriented” with regard to both internal employee management and external cooperation, initiating an excellent development road for our staff, teams and the company.


Services: Service Wholeheartedly, Modestly and Happily

Study: Create Opportunities by Joint Study and Common Growth

Innovation: Above & Beyond, Innovation & Future

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